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Sicker than SARS

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  Karma, Aug 09 2007

ok so its 2am thursday night and im about to sleep, but out of the blue this friend calls me cos i havent seen him in a few months so hes wants to go out and drink and play pool and be merry cos hes a ridiculous hard-livin russian alcoholic

i dont have uni til like 1:30 tomorrow so i say sure whatever. he comes to my house in his car, my spidey sences are tingling and telling me hes already been drinking but he is famed throughout the lands for his composure so ill never pick it up until we fly off the road at 100kph into a ditch.. aaaaanyway

i get into the car and we drive up my street to the main rd to go to the venue of drinking, the end of my road is a no exit road but my friend being bad the bone as he is ignores the sign cos it aint no thang.. theres no traffic at all obv so its hardly an issue

about 2km up the rd we get the red/blue lights of doom in the back window and my friend remarks "oh, im fucked" pretty matter of factly, so i think "uh oh spagettios!", it should be noted that im actually finding this pretty funny of the randomness of the call to go out and the fact that the plan is clearly fucked now after less than 10 minutes. apparently we got pulled over cos of the exiting at the no-exit thing, so obviously thats a "fuck" pretty ridic unlucky that they saw that heh

so the guy breathtests my friend and hes more than twice the legal limit obv(LOL), and thats for fully licensed drivers... my friend is only a p-plater haha. so hes fucked.. he tries to talk his way out of it but that fails miserably. so hes gonna have to go to court but hes gonna a fat fine, lose his license + his parents are going to anally brutalize him and stop giving him money cos his job is working in his parents shop

aaanyway so they have to take him back to the station, so now im stranded, wearing a tshirt and its fucking cold so i have to walk home which takes me 20 minutes. i woke up kantoki from this site to bitch and tell him the story to him as i walked home cos he was on msn like 30mins ago so was prob still awake (he wasnt but fuck him hoho he can listen to my bullshit)

so here i am, it was 40 minutes from first contact to me getting back home and sitting in my comp chair... sweeeeet night out

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  Karma, Aug 02 2007

i started playing poker today instead of going to uni, I blew 5 buyins in less than 10 minutes so fuck that. I took out my annoyance by cleaning my room because obviously it needed to be done lol... it took ~4 hours but its nice to not have to step over piles of shit and put on clothes with relative confidence that there isnt rats or something nesting in them

if you were wondering why my room and all my possessions suck it's because i cbf getting new stuff. that couch really needs to go =/ i literally threw out about half my stuff lol... i have a super awesome plan to go to ikea but itll never actually happen

may this serve as motivation to you all

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Baal is smat
  Karma, May 02 2007

Baal says:
school are for dummies : p
Baal says:
school is
luke says:
Baal says:
self owned
luke says:
oh man
luke says:
new quote
Baal says:

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